GOVT - Fall 2023

GOVT-101-DL1: Democratic Theory & Practice
Instructor: Margaret Appleby

GOVT-103-DL2: Intro to American Government
Instructor: William Bolling

GOVT-132-002: Intro to International Politics
Instructor: Meghan Garrity

GOVT-132-DL1: Introduction to International Politics
Instructor: Erica Seng-White

GOVT-300-003:Research Methods and Analysis
Instructor: Ed Zolnik

GOVT-301-002: Public Law and Judicial Process
Instructor: Shea Holman

GOVT-319-004: Virginia Political History
Instructor: John Milliken

GOVT-339-001: Demography and Population
Instructor: John May

GOVT-342-001: Diplomacy
Instructor: Gregory Delawie

GOVT-344-002: American Foreign Policy
Instructor: Luis Rodriguez

GOVT-346-003: American Security Policy
Instructor: Bartle Gorman

GOVT-351-001: Administration in Political Systems
Instructor: Michelle Buehlmann

GOVT-356-001: Public Budgeting and Finance
Instructor: Leonard Wales

GOVT-444-001: North Korean Security
Instructor Joshua NamTae Park

GOVT-444-002: Foreign Intelligence and Civil Liberties
Instructor: Robert Deitz

GOVT-444-DL2: Human Rights & Justice in Latin America
Instructor: Jo-Marie Burt

GOVT-467-002: How Washington Really Works
Instructor: Steven Pearlstein

GOVT-490-005: The Modern Nonprofit Leader
Instructor: Clifford Yee

GOVT-540-003: International Relations
Instructor: Luis Rodriguez

GOVT-631-001: The China Challenge
Instructor: G. Venkat Raman

GOVT-743-DL1: International Political Economy
Instructor: Hilton Root

GOVT-745-001: International Security
Instructor: Ellen Laipson

GOVT-753/PUAD-703-001: Collaborative Public Management
Instructor: Alan Abramson