PhD Student Services

The Schar School assigns each doctoral student a faculty advisor, and together they build a research agenda. The PhD Student Services staff complements this advising relationship by providing guidance on scheduling, university requirements, program details, and other administrative matters. The office is a unified home for the many co-curricular resources students need during their time at Mason. Partnering with faculty, alumni, the university and the larger community, PhD Student Services supports students in reaching their academic and professional goals. Please visit the pages below to learn about the Schar School’s advising resources.

PhD 101: What You Need to Know

Designed to launch Schar School students successfully into their doctoral programs, PhD 101 supplements the important information incoming students receive during Orientation. The site also serves as a reference for current students throughout their time in the program. The PhD 101 reference guides cover topics including: 

  • Topic 1: Getting Started--For New PhD Students
  • Topic 2: Academic Advising
  • Topic 3: Getting to Know Your Faculty
  • Topic 4: Information Technology
  • Topic 5: Graduate Research and Writing
  • Topic 6: Quantitative Skills
  • Topic 7: Professional Development
  • Topic 8: Student Life and Involvement
  • Topic 9: International Student Services

PhD Handbooks and Forms

Doctoral program resources include yearly publication of PhD handbooks, degree plans, and forms. These resources cover most procedures and guidelines for the Schar School’s three doctoral programs.

For other general questions and resources, you can visit our PhD Student FAQs.

Meet the PhD Student Services and Advising Teams

From course selection to research and career networking, we have dedicated student services and advising support to assist you throughout your studies. Three key contacts are below (for additional PhD student services contact information, visit the PhD directory page)

John Washington
Director of PhD Student Services

Duane Bradshaw
Director of Career Development