Private Sector Focus

From competitiveness to information sharing and data protection to organizational culture – private sector oriented programs recognize the particular viewpoints and concerns of business and industry on current management and public policy issues. With government functions increasingly contracted to private and nonprofit entities, our courses incorporate these perspectives for the benefit of executives from the public and private sectors.

Sample Courses

Cybersecurity for Executives

Format: Half-day briefing

Audience: Business leaders

Objective: Introduce IT security as a concern that goes well beyond the IT department. The three sessions of the series focus on three distinct cyber-security strategies: Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation. In each session, experts address the technical, managerial, legal, and policy aspects. Issues addressed include:

  • What the problems are
  • How they affect businesses
  • What the government is doing about it
  • What businesses themselves need to do

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management for Critical Infrastructure Owners

Format: One-day training

Audience: Mid- to Senior-level managers in investor-owned and public power companies

Objective: Demonstrate how the principles of enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) can be tailored to provide all-hazards analysis and management for critical infrastructure owners and operators. Topics include:

  • COSO, CoBIT, and ISO Risk Management Standards
  • Identification of internal and external risk owners and risk managers
  • Company-wide and sector-wide benchmarks for risk and resilience

Regulatory Issues and Emerging Technologies in Telecommunications

Format: Two-day program

Audience: Corporate managers

Objective: Understanding latest developments in telecommunications policy, regulation, and legislation. Topics include:

  • Internet governance
  • Wireless spectrum