Online Resources for POGO 511 Screening-Exam

Sample Screening Exam Review & Study Materials

Question 1: Digesting Research
To help you prepare for this question, please review the following Khan Academy videos:

Question 2: Standard Errors and Confidence Intervals of Point Estimates
This question provides summary statistics for a variable, including number of observations, mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum. You must use this information to calculate the standard error, the 99% confidence interval, and the location of the population parameter. To help you prep for this question, please review the following Khan Academy videos:

Question 3: Proportion Estimation
This question focuses on  standard errors and confidence intervals, and the videos above remain relevant. In addition, please check out the following tutorials:

Question 4: Basic Graphics
This question shows a box plot and asks for interpretation. To prepare, please review these videos and focus on the following topics:

  • Box and Whisper Plots
  • Constructing a Box and Whisper Plot
  • Interpreting Quartiles

Question 5: Levels of Measurement 
This question asks for a five number summary, which includes the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile and maximum. Please review the videos above.

Question 6: Math Problem
To help  you prepare for this problem, please review the following videos:

Khan Academy Tutorials

The 511 screening exam covers the topics listed HERE. The following video tutorials cover many of the topics tested on the exam.

Research Design



Univariate Measures

Statistical Inference

Standard Errors Tutorial and Video

  • Standard Errors of ratio and interval level data – see above
  • Standard Errors of proportions- see above

Confidence Intervals