Graduate Funding FAQs


Do you offer master’s students assistantships or full-tuition scholarships?​

No, Schar School Graduate Admissions does not offer graduate assistantships or full-tuition scholarships at the master’s level at the time of admission from the Schar School.​

My employer is partially funding my degree. Am I eligible to be considered for merit-based scholarships?​

Yes, just note that you would like to be considered for funding in your application. Please contact if you are not able to do so.

Is there a minimum credit load in order to receive my scholarship?​

No. There is no minimum credit load to qualify for your scholarship, but any unused scholarship amount in each semester is nonrefundable and forfeited​.

I don’t see my scholarship in my student account. When is it disbursed?​

Scholarships are disbursed every January and August, just before the beginning of the semester. Schar School awards will not appear in your Financial Aid portal. ​

I didn’t use my full scholarship this semester. Can I withdraw the extra money from my student account?​

No, all admissions awards are for tuition expenses only. Any unused amount in each semester is forfeited.​

Can I use my scholarship toward Schar School study abroad?​

Yes! Your scholarship can be applied toward Schar School study abroad tuition, but not toward fees.​

Billing, Tuition, and Payment​

Does the university offer payment plans?​

Yes. Payment plans range from two to five payments and are set up through Student Accounts. Learn more about payment plans.

I’m an international student. Which tuition rate applies to me?​

International students on F1 or J1 visas are considered out-of-state students.​

I’m in the U.S. on a nonstudent visa. Can I qualify for in-state tuition?​

Yes, students that are on nonstudent visas (ex: A1, H1), can be eligible for in-state tuition rates. Please see the residency website for more information. Students on a nonstudent (A1, H1, etc.) visa who are domiciled in D.C. or Maryland can be eligible for the DMV Regional Pricing Policy. ​

I have a third-party paying for my program. How do they pay?​

How much is the enrollment deposit and how does it work?​

The nonrefundable enrollment deposit is $300. This amount is credited toward your first semester’s tuition. You must accept admission and submit your enrollment deposit to be eligible to register for classes. ​

Are your programs GI Bill eligible?​

Most Schar School programs are GI Bill eligible. View a full list of eligible programs.​

What is “Regional Pricing” or “DMV tuition?”​

This is a Schar School-specific tuition rate for master's, certificate, and nondegree students whereby D.C. and Maryland residents are assessed a regional tuition rate equivalent to the in-state tuition rate. Students receiving regional pricing are not eligible for Schar School admissions awards. Read more about this pricing.​

Can I use FASFA to help pay for the program?​

Yes, if you are eligible for FASFA, you are welcome to use it toward our master's programs. Certificate and nondegree are not eligible for FASFA. If you have any FASFA questions, please reach out to our Financial Aid office at 703-993-2000. Apply for FASFA .​