Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley
Master of Peace Operations Policy '18

Tom Bradley is an educator and facilitator with extensive leadership experience in the military, non-profit organizations, consulting, and contracting. He has twenty years of successful experience as an instructor and curriculum planner. In 2020 he started his third year leading a graduate fellowship program for an internationally focused non-profit association in Washington, drawing graduate students from ten prestigious local universities, including the Schar School.

He also facilitates strategic-planning meetings for government agencies and other organizations. He has been a board member of a Washington non-profit association for nine years, leading the organization in expanding programs, increasing funding, and enhancing mission accomplishment. For four years, he was the chief executive officer of a non-profit educational association. 

Tom’s military experience included US Air Force small-unit command, fighter operations and flight instruction in the F-4 Phantom II, modeling and simulation, strategic planning, international affairs.

Tom earned the master of science in Peace Operations with a certificate in National Security and Public Policy from the Schar School in 2018. He earned certificates in Facilitation and International Business Management form Georgetown University, and holds a master’s in political science from Auburn University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Tennessee.