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Gerald FitzGerald, Ph.D., is affiliated faculty at the Schar School of Policy & Government at George Mason University. His commentary on issues related to cultural diplomacy, politics, and religion has been carried by Associated Press, Religion News Service, and The Conversation, among others. His research interests are found at the intersection of religion and hate crime, religion and international affairs, and religion and humanitarian relief and development aid. Since 2022, Gerald has served as a consultant to the Religion & Society Program at The Aspen Institute where he convened the Dismantling Hate cohort in 2023. From 2017 to 2020, Gerald worked as a senior project consultant to the British Council, where he convened transatlantic expertise to examine various aspects of the role of religion in international affairs under the Bridging Voices program. 

FitzGerald has taught graduate-level courses including International Relations (GOVT 540) and Comparative Politics (GOVT 530), and undergraduate courses including International Politics (GOVT 132), International Relations Theory (GOVT 332), and Revolutions (GOVT 447). 


Mapping Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Information Manipulation, and its Impact on Humanitarian Aid and Development - Download the report here