Schar School Students Shine at National Political Science Conference

A logo with the letters MPSA for the Midwest Political Science Association, in the middle between two blue bars

In a notable showcase of academic excellence and scholarly engagement, students from the Schar School of Policy and Government made a significant impact at the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Conference held in Chicago earlier this month. Despite its regional designation, the conference attracted some 5,000 attendees, solidifying its status as a premier national event in the field of political science.

Among the participants were two undergraduate and eight doctoral students from the Schar School, who distinguished themselves through their presentations of papers and posters. Their topics spanned a wide range of political science disciplines, reflecting the depth and diversity of research being conducted at the institution.

The presentations covered areas such as public perception of political events, the impact of Supreme Court rulings, the analysis of political disloyalty, community sponsorship in resettlement, and the intricate dynamics of global politics, among others.

The students' contributions were not only well-received but also highlighted their professional demeanor, analytical prowess, and engaging presentation skills. Their work garnered positive feedback throughout the weekend-long event, demonstrating the high caliber of mentorship and academic preparation they received at the Schar School.

In the days prior to the conference, student participants were invited to an afternoon workshop where several of their professors, experienced hands at presenting difficult material to a live audience, coached them during practice sessions. The fine-tuning paid off.

The Schar School representatives were “professional, poised, curious, and engaging,” said Associate Professor Jennifer N. Victor. “[They were] doing their best and getting good feedback on their work. I was proud to be their professor, mentor, and colleague at this important national political science conference.”

As the MPSA Conference continues to be a pivotal event for political science scholars nationwide, the participation of Schar School students not only enhances their own academic profiles but also elevates the school's reputation as a hub for innovative research and scholarly excellence.

Schar School MPSA Conference undergraduate student participants:

Anna Garren – Junior undergraduate public administration major; poster presented: “Public Perception of the First GOP Presidential Primary Debate 2024”

Ethan Thomas – Senior undergraduate government and international politics major; poster presented: “Supreme Effect: The Impact of SCOTUS Rulings on Legislation Passage”

Schar School MPSA Conference PhD student participants:

Tim Bynion – Political science PhD candidate; paper presented on a panel: “Using Text Analysis as a Tool to Measure Party Disloyalty in Congressmembers’ Public-Facing Communications”

Tim Bynion (and Jennifer N. Victor) – Political science PhD candidate; paper presented on a panel: “Meeting Students Where They Are: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Classroom Interventions for Voter Turnout Among College Students”

Aubrey Grant – Public policy PhD candidate; paper presented on a panel: “Community Sponsorship: The Role of Welcoming Communities in Expanding Resettlement Capacity”

Christine German – Political science PhD candidate; paper presented on a panel: “Translating Belief into Violence: The Complexity of Extreme Ideologies”

Dersu Tanca – Political science PhD student; paper presented on a panel: “Influence of Global Politics on the Regime Type of Turkey”

Sanggyu Suh – Political science PhD student; paper presented on a panel: “Bridge Over Troubled Water: Lessons on Water Frameworks from Chad and Sudan”

Kang Seo – Political science PhD student; paper presented on a panel: “A Social Network Analysis in the Case of North Korean Defector-Led Organizations”

Heejo Cheon – Public policy PhD student; paper presented on a panel: “The Impact of Mass Mobilization Size and Duration on Democracy Levels across 128 Countries (1960-2018) by Regime Types”

Caroline Wesson – Political science PhD student; paper presented on a panel: “Variety in Innovation Clusters: The Case of Europe”

Schar School MPSA Conference alumni participants:

Andrew Strasberg, a 2023 government and international politics graduate, now a political science PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis, was awarded the 2024 “Best Undergraduate Paper Presented as a Poster” award for his presentation at last year’s MPSA Conference when he presented his George Mason University undergraduate thesis as a poster.

Jihye Lim – The recent Schar School political science PhD graduate presented a paper on a panel: “South Korea’s Response to Global Convergence in Criminal Antitrust Enforcement: Implications and Lessons.”