Schar School Rebrands Top-Ranked Program to Global Commerce and Policy

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The top-ranked International Commerce and Policy (ICP) master’s degree program at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government is changing its name, but not its objective.

ICP is now the Global Commerce and Policy program (GCP), a name change that the director of the program said “reflects a broader trend in transnational trade.”

“’Global’ is rapidly replacing the term ‘international’ in many of the fields related to the degree, including economics, political economy, and business,” said professor of public policy Kenneth A. Reinert, director of the program. “Value chains are now global value chains, finance is now global finance. While ‘international’ emphasizes the relationships between individual nations, ‘global’ better reflects the modern reality of the world economy.”

Like the International Commerce and Policy program before it, the interdisciplinary Global Commerce and Policy program—offered as in-person and online formats—prepares master’s degree students for careers and advancement in the world’s new economic landscape. Graduates are prepared to excel and lead in public and private sectors, multinational organizations, non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and consulting firms.

The program is ranked as the 14th overall and fifth among public institutions in the global policy and administration category by the most recent U.S News & World Report ranking.

Unlike traditional international affairs programs, the Global Commerce and Policy degree is focused on international economic issues, including global trade and investment. It differs from an MBA program by providing training in the political, social, and technological aspects of the global economy.

“In today's world, it is critical for all participants in global markets to understand the multifaceted environment in which they work,” Reinert said. “This program is for those who are passionate about the intersection of international relations, business, and public policy.”

He added that in addition to the name change, the program is offering a new Global Economic Policy graduate certificate “that covers the foundations of international economics and the analysis of global economic policies.” It too will be available in traditional and online formats.

Information about Schar School master’s programs, see this page.