ACE! Joins National Network to Collaborate on Justice System Research

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Faye S. Taxman, Schar School of Policy and Government professor and health service criminologist
Faye Taxman: ‘Being part of this collaborative organization illustrates the importance of what ACE! has accomplished…’

The Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence (ACE!) at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government has joined a national network of university-based research centers that study a range of criminal justice issues. The Inter-University Network of Criminal Justice Research Centers (INCJRC) brings together researchers at 17 centers across the country that collaborate on issues including crime prevention and justice systems, focusing on policies, practices, systems, and public safety, among other concerns facing today’s world. 

The affiliation with INCJRC “recognizes our success in researching challenging criminal justice policy issues,” said ACE! director Faye S. Taxman. “It acknowledges that our research is in the forefront of advancing humane probation and parole services. Being part of this collaborative organization illustrates the importance of what ACE! has accomplished since its founding in 2010.”

For 11 years ACE! has developed a network of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students who work with practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and criminal justice-involved individuals to promote evidence-informed approaches to advance an understanding of how to improve outcomes in federal, state, and local correctional systems. ACE! researchers apply advanced scientific methods in justice settings, translating findings into practice.

The INCJRC network is a mechanism for researchers and research centers with similar interests to interact with peers, share information, and engage in mutually supportive activities. Member universities include Stanford University, Duke University, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, and others.